How to win the Eurojackpot lottery

Ever wondered why you have been trying with no luck while others are succeeding? You begin to ask yourself questions. What are they doing differently that you haven’t tried?
I will show you practical steps to take that will improve your chances to be the next Eurojackpot Lottery winner.

Many people believe statistics is the way to go about winning. A game of lottery is a random game. Statistics and probability are not the same things. In Eurojackpot, you win based on probability. To be on the strong side of this probability of winning there are certain things you need to do.

Every lottery player wants to hit the jackpot. Many follow historical data or mathematical formula to predict the outcome. There are several methods you can go about this. Come along let me show you some simple tips to follow that will increase your winning chances.


Before any other thing first, you need to open an online account to play the lottery. RedFoxLotto is a very reliable platform with an easy interface. Get yourself a customer account by also setting up your account to play in every draw. The more rounds you play the more your odds increase.

Getting Your Numbers

Choose multiple betting fields to increase your chances. You can also go with random number generators. With the online betting platform, you can easily create your number by using built-in RNG. This takes away the mathematical burden and calculations to predict the next probable number.

Also, take note of your numbers. Ensure you have a mix of odd and even numbers on your ticket. The Eurojackpot winning tickets have a history of having odd and even numbers featured on it.

Lucky Numbers

In Eurojackpot it is rare for numbers that have won to be drawn again the next round. If you have certain numbers that you have not won with yet or have not been drawn you can consider such numbers as a probable winning number.

Pattern Selections

It may seem nice to have a pattern selection however, this does not increase your winning chances. Don’t go about making your selection a painting or a work of art.

Discount Campaigns

There sometimes are vouchers and discount campaigns for Eurojackpot. You can choose to use them to increase your chances of winning the ultimate price. Discounts will help you get more tickets for the same amount of money.

Play when Eurojackpot is capped

Once the jackpot reaches €90 million, it will be capped. Additional ticket sales will be used to increase the prize for the second-tier winners. This is a great moment to play.