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Tips for other gambling activities

While everyone loves lotto, most lotto fans do not consider buying a lotto ticket as gambling. Well, that is a matter of opinion, right? But what about “real” gambling for money? Is it dangerous, and what are the options?

To answer the first question: yes, there is a real danger of becoming addicted to gambling, especially because of the fact that online gambling is available at all times and no matter where you are. Setting strict rules for yourself, like a money or time limit, should take care of this issue.

Where to gamble?

When it comes to choosing a website for general gambling purposes, we suggest that you look out for ONE provider that has all your personal favorite games in their portfolio. In order to find the best site for you, we would refer you to general gambling sites like What we like best about this site is the section where they list  the best gambling sites by criteria.

Most casino sites have a large variety of games, although the visual quality may differ. The most popular games like Blackjack or Roulette can be found on every casino site out there, but some gambling activities are, by nature, not to be found  in equal quality on every site.

Sports betting, poker

This is probably the type of gambling that is closest to the heart of every person that would also play the lottery. You definitely want to get some info on  the sport you are planning to bet on, and for poker, you need to know as  much as possible about poker strategy. The former you will find on sites such as, and the latter can be found here on

As with almost every decision you make, information is the key to making the right choice. And if your first choice turns out to be a bad one, don’t give up. Try a different provider until you get the ideal gambling experience. While you do, take into account that most online gambling sites will allow you to gambling with virtual money in order to try out their games. That means you can check them out first without depositing any money, and once you have found what you were looking for, you can make your first real-money deposit.