The biggest lotto jackpots in history

In the year 2012, when on March 30 the Megamillions jackpot reached the mark of $656 Million, everybody thought that this record would not be topped for a long time. But in 2016, the Powerball lottery set a breathtaking new mark – at no less than $1,568.4 Billion. This jackpot was won by three different tickets, each one of the winners took home more than $500 Million.

Jackpots like these make news headlines all around the World, and everyone wants to get a ticket and at least dream about winning. Then a company named RedFoxLotto came up with a very clever business idea: they established a network of agents around the planet and had them buy tickets for people who, normally, would not have access to a number of lotteries, because they did not live in the country where the lottery was held.

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They started out with the US, but quickly expanded their service and offered tickets for all the international major lotteries, for a worldwide clientele. The idea was basic but brilliant – buy tickets locally, scan them and email the scanned copy to the customer. Customers could simply register online, choose a lottery, pick their numbers and pay online. No less than 22 lotteries are accessible online now – to every person in the World, as long they have access to the internet.

It is estimated that nowadays, approximately 20% of the tickets sold for Powerball and Megamillions are being ordered online for customers outside the US, and that precentage is steadily rising, especially everytime when there is a sizeable lottery jackpot somewhere on the planet.

Of course, RedFoxLotto sells the tickets at a price higher than the lottery itself – it is a business after all. But then, would you rather a) pay $1 and participate in a lottery with a top prize of $1 Million, or b) pay $5 for an online lotto ticket that can potentially win you $200 Million? Mathematically, b) gives you a 40 times better deal!

The best about this service is the fact that you have so many lotteries to choose from. You can simply pick whatever lottery has the highest jackpot at any time, instead of playing the local lottery where you have to wait a long time until the jackpot builds up!

If you are concerned about security of you payment info, your concerns are groundless. RedFoxLotto uses the latest encryption technology to make sure your payment is secure, and you can choose from a number of payment options. Aside from using your credit card, you can pay via Skrill, Paypal, Bitcoin, bank transfer and in many more ways.

Get on board now – remember, you have to be in it to win it!